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I’m a full-time Researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Göttingen. I’m also a completing PhD student at University College London. I’m a Classicist by training and I conduct interdisciplinary research in the fields of Digital Classics, Digital Scholarly Editing and Natural Language Processing. I occasionally step out of my comfort zone to explore other fields of study, such as visual text analysis and stylometry. I'm fluent in Italian and English, my native tongues, I can hold conversations in Spanish and I'm currently learning German.

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2015-present. An Early Career Research Group focussing on the advancement of automatic text reuse detection in historical texts.


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Italian translations

Textal: Text Analysis App

2013. Textal is a free smartphone app that allows you to analyse websites, tweet streams, and documents, as you explore the relationships between words in the text via an intuitive word cloud interface.

Voyant Tools

2016. Voyant Tools is an open source web-based application that allows users to work with their own texts or existing text collections to perform basic text mining functions.

Next work trip

Milan, IT

2017 Trento, IT  -  Montréal, CA  -  Milan, IT  -  Verona, IT  -  London, UK  -  Rome, IT.
2016 Antwerp, BE  -  Vienna, AT  -  Venice, IT  -  Kraków, PL  -  Cologne, DE  -  Leipzig, DE  -  Galway, IE.
2015 Leicester, UK  -  Tartu, EE  -  Berlin, DE.
2014 Norman, OK, USA  -  Tbilisi, GE  -  Lausanne, CH  -  Lyon, FR.

Ask me

Are you new to Digital Humanities? Are you a young professional or researcher looking to start your DH project? Not sure where to start or whom to speak to? Feel free to get in touch with me and I'll do what I can to help you find your way (for free, of course). I was in your same situation not that many years ago and, who knows, we may end up working together!
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